Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to be a member to rent the facilities?

No you don't!  Anyone can rent the Story Forge facilities - however, Story Forge members receive significant discounts or free use of all facilities.  

Are memberships month-to-month?

Currently, you have a choice of 3, 6, or 12 month contracts, which require you to pay the remaining months if you break the contract. 


Who can use the membership?

Memberships are individual, and each person must have a membership to enter or work in the studio unless you are renting studio space outright. People you bring in on the day of shoots for projects or for events do not need to be members.  If you have a partner or employee coming into the studio on non-shoot or event days, they must have their own membership. 

Please review membership fees for a breakdown of costs.

Are memberships pro-rated?

There are no pro-rations with memberships. Your membership begins on the day you register and pay online, and ends 30 days after your final payment.

Do memberships require a deposit?

All memberships require a refundable deposit equivalent to your membership level.  There is also a refundable key card /door key deposit of $50 per key issued.  Key deposits are refunded upon return of keys in original condition.  

What is Schedule Lock?

If you are a studio member, total space access comes with your membership dues.  However, in the event one of the three studios is booked at full price by an outside client on the same date you have a shoot scheduled, you will have the option to keep your shoot date by paying for the studio space at your discounted "Schedule Locked" rate.  For Flex Plus members that is 30% off, for CoWorking members that is 40% off, and for Private members, that is 50% off.   If you have a membership that began before Jan 25, 2018, the discount rates are 20%, 30%, and 40% off.  

If a member doesn't want to schedule lock that date, they can move their shoot to another studio, day or time.

This system is in place to ensure we can keep the doors open as our primary income driver is daily studio rentals while still serving our members. Otherwise we would have to raise membership rates to a level most people couldn't afford on a regular basis. This is a way to minimize the risk, keep costs low, and keep our doors open for everyone's benefit.

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