24/7 shared access to common areas and 20% discount on studio hours.  Monthly membership.

24/7 access to the studios and flex space with computer bar and tables. Minimum 3 month membership.

(1 desk available)

24/7 access to the studios and common areas, and a desk in a shared lockable office.

(1 suite available)

24/7 access to the studios and common areas, and a private office with the option to add up to four additional employees.

Sign up with friends!  12 hours access per month to the studios and 30% discount on added hours.

Pool your resources with other individuals.  Private office upgrade.

30 hours of guaranteed access per month, and 50% off added hours.

Have an agency or department inside a larger company with multiple employees and a large client base?  This is for you.

Access to the studios with a 20% discount, and 20% off most new WeWork memberships if initiated through Story Forge.

24/7 Access

3, 6, or 12 month contract **

Free Wifi and Ethernet

Your Own Access Card 

Ability to add additional employees/partners

Free Shared Studio Time

Kitchen Access

Free Office Printer Access

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