August Art Shows - August 4th & 11th

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

720 Rundle Ave, Nashville, TN 37210 (free parking available)


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EAST SIDE ART STUMBLE: August 11, 6 - 9 PM

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I suppose I consider myself primarily a musician, but also very much a cook, a baker, and, since getting sober in August of 2013, a visual artist. Well... I'd always played around with drawing and painting, but since age 14, music always came first. After getting sober, however, I needed another full-time creative endeavor... I needed even more than music (if you can imagine!) to deal with and express all the sickness and frustration, the flotsam and jetsam roaming about my head. Abstract expressionism just sort of... happened. I am reticent to attach specific events, emotions, or memories to these pieces. I both create and view them as wholly visceral things. Visual representations of things I've not necessarily thought, but felt.. Once they exist physically, they have become something 'other,' and are open to more or less infinite interpretation. The end all and be all of their existence, though.. their best possible purpose, is to make you feel something.


Colin Shriver was born in Nashville Tennessee. His family is also from the area, and has many friends and family here. Colin's primary medium is sculpture, and graphite pencil, but is also proficient in colored pencil, watercolor, and sculpture. He attended Watkins College of Art and Design where he studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts. He has been in a few juried art shows. Colin has exhibited his work at Watkins College of Art., as well as a solo show at Sumner Regional Medical Center. Colin also exhibited a sculpture at a “Sense of Place” a juried show in Augusta Georgia. He is currently working on a series of sculptures which explore the natural world and humankind’s place in it. He is currently working on projects that range from portraits to statement pieces dealing with ecology and the importance of our natural resources and humankind’s impact on the environment. He currently works and lives in Gallatin, drawing inspiration from the land and the animals that inhabit the area.

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Colin Shriver

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I have always enjoyed doing art. It became an even larger part of me as I realized it is a great form of therapy. Art is always there, no matter what is going on in life.

I often get asked, “what’s your favorite medium to work with?” The answer is... I like doing it all! I paint, draw, make jewelry and pottery, but my favorite thing to do is mixed media. My passion is repurposing. Sometimes I see trash and think “I could use that!”. But most of the time, I just get a vision of something I want to make, and I make it a personal goal of mine to turn my visions into pieces. So I seek out materials and components to help bring my visions to life.

I have learned that oftentimes if I just have patience and some hunting or digging (literally, in the trash!), I can round up many things that I need for free, or at very minimal cost. Not only does this help save the earth by adding less to the landfills, but it also helps my pocket because I have less supply to buy.

No matter how busy my life is, I always have a project (or ten!) going on. After they’re finished I just want to share my creations because in them I find joy, and I want to spread that to everyone.

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