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Art Crawl - July 7

Updated: Jun 15, 2018


720 Rundle Ave, Nashville, TN 37210 (free parking available)

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Epigram: a pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way.

Thomas Brodhead inverts accepted artistic propriety by providing accompanying texts—epigrams of varying lengths—that are integral to experiencing the Gesamtkunstwerk. With a style somewhere along the overlooked axis connecting Jackson Pollock and Norman Rockwell, Brodhead prefers a strong narrative element in art that elicits a double-take by the viewer. Colorful, irregular polygony is central to his current style.



Becky is a Tennessee native with a passion for producing unique and symbolic art that has a heavy influence in graffiti. She grew up with a love for art always knowing that she would have a career in an art field. Since an early age Becky had a drive to create art that would span every phase of her life. Becky has both a BFA in Illustration and a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from MTSU. Her unique art style comes from years of airbrushing and a love for graffiti and tattoo art. Becky is also a high school art teacher in Montgomery County.

In 2017, Becky began to create works that spoke of her own deeply personal thoughts and emotions as well as the experiences of the people in the world around her - each piece a unique snapshot of the thing that makes us human, our emotions.

Becky hopes this unique and genuinely personal view into our human heart will inspire her viewers to think profoundly into their own personal experiences. Her intention would be for you to connect with her work on a deeply intimate level.

ANDREW SMITH - ABSTRACT PAINTER www.artbyandrewsmith.com

Andrew primarily paints using mediums in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media but also enjoys drawing pen and ink geometric designs.

For his abstract works, he enjoys a deep, usually personal experience to portray his vision, yet at the same time tries to let the viewer have their own experience.  Andrew and his wife are avid travelers and outdoors people so much of the inspiration behind his landscape works comes from their past travels, hikes, and events shared together, and with their family and friends over the past twenty years.

As of October 2013, Andrew has been building and stretching his own canvases by hand and building the decorative finishing frames. When you purchase a piece from Andrew you can know that it has been 100% completed by hand from start to finish.

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