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Updated: Nov 2, 2018

720 Rundle Ave, Nashville, TN 37210 (free parking available)

EAST SIDE ART STUMBLE: October 13th, 6 - 9 PM

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Ansley Black, a Nashville native, received her Bachelor's of Arts degrees in English and fine art from the University of Alabama, while also conducting independent studies at Oxford University. After graduating with honors, Ansley participated in more independent studies in Europe; thus, increasing her zest and inspiration for the fine arts. Upon returning to the United States, she trained with notable muralists and faux finishers in Naples, FL. For years, she had a successful business executing murals and faux. Still, the canvas and the fine arts called.

Ansley continues to explore her passion for the fine arts throughout the Nashville area and the south. Evidence of her background in commercial art can be seen in her depictions of perspective, depth of color, and demonstrative texture on a large or a small scale. Solo shows of her fine art include: The Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts, The Brentwood Library, The University Club of Nashville, First Presbyterian Church Preschool (featured artist 2016 & 2017), Franklin Road Academy, Edgar Evins Marina, various high rise buildings in downtown Nashville, the Franklin Art Scene, the Nashville Art Scene, as well as many restaurants and galleries. Group shows include: The Parthenon, The Shoppes at Belle Meade, O’More College of Design, St. Cecilia Academy, First Presbyterian Church- Nashville, Stonebridge Gallery, Midtown Gallery, Ansbach Artisans, etc. Private collectors names are available upon request. You can view more of her work and upcoming shows at


Jason Brueck is a digital artist currently residing in Nasvhille, TN. Before his career as an artist, he practiced law for twelve years in Philadelphia. In 2011, he opened a small art gallery in Philadelphia's Olde City neighborhood and quickly realized where his true passions lie.

His style of combining elements of light and dark, good and evil, and life and death, creates a visual counter balance for the viewer. Astronauts, flames, birds and butterflies are often recurring themes in his pieces, all in hopes of creating a narrative open to multiple interpretations.

His work has been shown across the country, everywhere from street art installations, to juried festivals, to fine art galleries. Professionally, he has been featured in a number of both print and online magazines. He has also been selected as a featured artist for online European art dealer Junique and men's fashion retailer Touch of Modern. His work has been purchasd by the University of Michigan, University of Colorado, University of West Virigina, Texas A&M University, Drexel University and Philadelphia's Logan Hotel.


I am a Nashville based artist and photographer, originally from Elverson, Pennsylvania. I have a BFA in Photography from Cornell University and 8 years experience working as an artist, photographer, retoucher and printer in Philadelphia and New York City.

I am currently working exclusively at creating, exhibiting, and sharing my photography and digital art. While I am based in Nashville, you can find me at galleries and festivals across the country. Please see my schedule for details.

My work is a digital collage. I photograph each element of the image I am creating (occasionally borrowing pieces from found photographs) and then digitally manipulate & merge them together to create new and unlikely stories. I'm often inspired by a building, character, or single detail and enjoy the challenge of removing that element from its environment and creating a whole new space and story around it. I enjoy the confusion between imagination, manipulation, and reality. 



This builder of towers hovers under my roof,

reigns over diagrams, complex proofs. I am the builder, I got everything to lose, tacks and screws, modifications -- I refuse. I withdraw.

The One Who Speaks the clearest light allows me a sturdy pulse. "Why cling so tight to your pattern, son? Settle down  Settle."

I swoon ... just to wring out some words. No answer. Nothing emerges.

I dance (and) I flutter; tired chords mutter.

"From Whom comes this Voice to soothe what I've sewn? Call Your agenda and all fine print You tow. I make my living.  I make it just so. I make my living, lines and rows."

He resolves: "Builder, pile your cells gently; recognize your ends. Bless the One Who built you.  Nothing here is permanent.  Ryan Rado IG: @ryan_rado 931-286-0307


From mixed media art to film and production design, Yovi Veliz lives to create. As a visual artist, she uses many different media to communicate her visions. Through her creativity and curiosity, her works continue to evolve, yet her artistic style remains unchanging: moody, monochromatic, and high contrast. Using one- and two-point perspective, depth, optical illusion, and illumination, she works in abstraction and expressionism.

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