Conquering the “M”




Maybe you've been shooting for years but are still fuzzy on the actual relationship between shutter, aperture, and ISO. What do they actually mean? How do they work together? What difference do they make and why bother with "M"? Nail down these core concepts once and for all, release your creative freedom like never before, and shoot with confidence no matter what your subject and lighting conditions are.  


This is the perfect session to take as a brush up before attending the other workshops in this series.

Conquering the “M”


    SUGG. RETAIL - $79

    Donate any amount to attend this workshop. Workshop refunds are available until 7 days prior to each workshop. If you do not cancel your seat in the event you are unable to attend and do not come to the workshop, the donation amount will not be refunded. The All Live Stream Pass is refundable until 7 days prior to the first workshop or live stream is attended. After that, no refunds are available.No partial refunds are available. Refunds will be returned to the card that was used for workshop purchases.

    Attendees to the physical workshop location understand and agree to be recorded as part of the live stream and online videos, and as part of any promotional uses by Story Forge of recorded workshop footage, and waive all rights of privacy and compensation of any kind according to applicable law.

  • Advanced Beginner to Advanced Intermediate techincal skill level.  You must have a camera with manual mode capability and lens.  Be familiar with the terms shutter, aperture, ISO, and have been shooting for some time.  This session is for anyone who feels like they may benefit from an advanced understanding of how manual mode works and when to use it versus other shooting modes.

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